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Our office has comprehensive insurance that covers all facets of transportation of recovered security. We can transport any piece of security from anywhere in Ontario in a prompt, efficient secure manner by our experienced personnel.


We are pleased to offer several different low cost storage facilities throughout Ontario as a holding area or for long term storage. Our fully insured compounds will meet your office requirements and give the satisfaction of knowing the security is safe and secure.


In an effort to compliment our total service packages, we offer prompt Lien searches and registration of property if required. The nominal fee will offer the comfort that security is properly registered under the Personal Property Security Act, Repair & Storage Lien Act, and other related acts.


Our full service firm will be pleased to complete vehicle, equipment appraisals and condition reports. Fees will depend on the area within the Province of Ontario and the details requested. We also have the ability to provide appraisals on distrained goods and chattels pursuant to the Commercial Tenancies Act, Personal Property Security Act, and General Security Act.


While our staff does not have an auctioneer on staff, we are pleased to have a 43 year veteran of the auction business that has been working with our office since our inception over 40 years ago. They bring results that our clients have been extremely pleased with over the years.

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